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<a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="http://www.finsport-shop.co.uk/en/product/hr-springs---st180/%20these%20were%20the%20springs%20i%20purchased%20it%20says%2030/35mm%20but%20we%20tape%20measured%20standard%20on%20a%20flat%20surface%20and%20it%20had%20drop%20around%2040mm,%20they%20were%20brilliant%20on%20handling,%20not%20so%20good%20for%20speed%20bumps%20as%20my%20house%20is%20surrounded%20by%20them%20and%20driving%20over%20them%20at%203-4mph%20i%20still%20scuffed%20the%20splitter,%20daily%20drive%20was%20fine%20just%20much%20stiffer%20but%20i%20could%20live%20with%20that!%20i" href="http://www.finsport-shop.co.uk/en/product/hr-springs---st180/%20these%20were%20the%20springs%20i%20purchased%20it%20says%2030/35mm%20but%20we%20tape%20measured%20standard%20on%20a%20flat%20surface%20and%20it%20had%20drop%20around%2040mm,%20they%20were%20brilliant%20on%20handling,%20not%20so%20good%20for%20speed%20bumps%20as%20my%20house%20is%20surrounded%20by%20them%20and%20driving%20over%20them%20at%203-4mph%20i%20still%20scuffed%20the%20splitter,%20daily%20drive%20was%20fine%20just%20much%20stiffer%20but%20i%20could%20live%20with%20that!%20i" d%20say%20go%20for%20it%20changes%20the%20styling%20of%20the%20car!"="">http://www.finsport-shop.co.uk/en/product/hr-springs---st180/

these were the springs i purchased it says 30/35mm but we tape measured standard on a flat surface and it had drop around 40mm, they were brilliant on handling, not so good for speed bumps as my house is surrounded by them and driving over them at 3-4mph i still scuffed the splitter, daily drive was fine just much stiffer but i could live with that! i'd say go for it changes the styling of the car!

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Ur cars looks awesome

40 mm is quite a drop lol

Is it just the splitter that gets it ? So u never scratch the belly with it dropped that much ?

I was looking more along the line of 20 mm would u say it wouldn't be worth dropping it that much.

I don't wanna go over a inch and a half as I've read a few places that's when u need to change the shocks and !Removed!

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yeah the splitter caught it, i once hit a speed bump at 30 not seeing it and it scuffed the back box but nothing serious! but i think the aftermarket exhaust i had was deeper than standard so i don't think you'll have issues with that.

dropping it 20mm IMO would be a waste of time as you wouldn't notice the difference (i may be wrong)

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DMB overlays fitted :)

Just washed the car then it rained :(

where did you get the st badge for the wheels as I have already got the bonnet badge

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