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Engine Problems

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Hi everyone, ok so i've been having some problems with the focci, driving around town or short runs she runs fine, idles perfect etc ....

When i take her on a longer run say 100 miles+ she starts playing up, normally after i have slowed down for a round about, when i accelerate after a round about or after slowing for traffic she starts kangarooing jerking and slowly decreasing in speed until the point that i can no longer accelerate past 20MPH, so i pull over and switch her off for a couple of mins then she goes again, but not for very long, then she'll start playing up again.

So far i have give her a full service, changed the coil pack and HT leads.

I've plugged the scan tool in and she isn't storing any codes.

I've checked to see if she is getting a vacuum in the tank, by opening the fuel cap with the engine still running, but no pressure is released.

Everyone i have spoke to has no idea what the problem is.

Can someone kindly please help me out with a solution if possible.

I'm planning on taking her down to Cornwall in two weeks so any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi, yes i changed the fuel filter at the last service and still no change.

When you say housing what do you mean? :huh:

It's a 2.0 16v petrol.

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does it misfire or does it appear to be just losing power?

is the speedo jumping about or any other dash irregularities.

if there is a misfire: could be a crank sensor playing up, or speed sensor [esp if speedo needle dances about)also check the terminals and wires for cuts around the coil pack connector, common to find them damaged

if its just losing power even though engine is feeling smooth, possibly a blocked exhaust or problems with idle/throttle sensors.

what are you using to check for codes

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When the problem occurs it kangaroos really bad and loses speed, I can't accelerate at all.

This problem only happens during long journeys.

Very strange problem i know.

Any other ideas?

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sometimes certain scanners wont pick up codes, but not usually a problem with the older ford.

kangerooing may point to crank sensor, quite often can start breaking down on hot engine and rarely flag a code up.

can also be fuel related, possibly pump or relay...

possibly a power supply problem such as a bad earth

do you notice any speedo irregularties?

wehen you stop does engine fail to restart unless left for few moments?

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No Speedo irregularities, and engine starts up fine everytime.

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Are you kitted out to carry out voltage tests, if so can give a list of checks.

Otherwise check the connector plug and wires for corrosion/cuts on coil pack, have a play with fuel pump relay see if doing so recreates the problem.'check all battery/engine earth wires and connections.;

If you don't mind spending a few quid and fancy a gamble then common reasons for this is crank sensor, pump relay or speed sensor

Only other option is to take it somewhere that can plug in and read live data

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