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Replace Inlet Manifold - Ford C-Max 2004

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Recently, I bought ford focus c-max 2004 (petrol) with 160K Kms. The car initially looked good when I bought it but after a week I got an error code of check engine - emission light was yellow in the dashboard.

Now after couple of visits to the ford dealer, they found that there is a problem with the inlet manifold that should be replaced. They think that there is one valve that could cause the problem but suggest to replace the entire thing as they cannot fix one valve. They also informed me that there are not separate parts for this inlet manifold assembly.

I am not from a machincal background to know these things well.

I have a few questions.

How far can I go with this thing being on i.e. the engine light remains ON and I keep on driving the car? Would it cause a serious issue in future?

Secondly, the suggestion that Ford dealer is giving could cost about 600-700euros. That is quite expensive for 2nd hand car.

Thirdly, could there be another alternative solution that someone has already experienced?

Thanks, Farrukh

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Hi Farrukh,

I will move your topic to the appropriate CMAX section, however we really need more information. For example, error codes that have been found, is this light on permenantly, or just if you race the car etc.

What is the engine, service history and general condition of the car?

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Thanks Jeebowhite,

It was saying P2004 error code coming from one of the inlet.

The light permanently stays on.

General condition of the car is good. I do not have the service history, probably that was the mistake when I bought this 2nd hand car from a garage.

I hope that this helps.


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I would suggest that the call to replace the inlet manifold will save you money in the long run. Judging by the error, you could be stripping it down for days and be no closer.

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