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Cant Get 1St Or Reverse After New Clutch

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Hi all, Im in a bit of a jam, I have a 2008 Mondy Edge 1.8 tdci 6speed, I have just had a clutch change, the mechanic opened up the tranny and found it had been converted to SMF (I didnt know this, Only had 2 month).

Anyway, He fitted it with a LUK concentric slave cylinder and a Valio clutch (2 piece).

Now, When I start the car and depress the clutch and try to select 1st gear, it will not go in, when i release the clutch by half it will go in gear and drive as normal, the same for reverse.

I am refusing to pay the mechanic at the moment, he is blaming the SMF, the company who supplied the parts are blaming the mechanic, and i am being told to expect a big labour bill.

Can anybody shed some light please, im desperate. PS Valio say the cluch will only fit the Valio SMF conversion.

Thanks in advance

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I've just had a new clutch fitted and I had the same problem. When I picked up the car from the garage, my clutch pedal seemed only half as high as it had been originally and I kept stalling. Next day, couldn't get reverse at all and first VERY stiff. Mechanics popped out and just pulled up the clutch pedal with his toe to the level of the brake pedal and it's been fine since (for 4 days...anyway). Maybe it's just the hydraulics need bleeding or 'repressurising' like the mechanic did with my car? Hope this helps. Can you change gears when the car is not started?

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Hi, yes all gears work whilst engine off, He took me for a spin to show me the car runs in every gear, at first we had to stop the engine in order to engage first gear, obviously im not happy with that, I have just had email conformation from Valio to confirm that LUK CSC is not compatable with Valio clutch, and that the Valio clutch is not compatable with any other Flywheel but theirs.

I've asked the mechanic to bleed it again, and to test the master cylinder, but he says its OK.

Im stressed to death at the moment because of the spiralling costs.

Thanks for the swift reply ANSKA,

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Just to update, The email I received from Valeo confirming the clutch kit supplied by the Motor Factors was incorrect, as my car had already been converted to single mass flywheel, the flywheel would had to have been made by Valeo (but it wasn't)

The Motor Factors have agreed to supply a full 4 piece Valeo conversion kit at no extra cost to the mechanic at no extra cost to me, however I have to pay the labour cost (which the mecanic has agreed to half £80)

So all in all, a good resolution.

The actual problem was the clearance from the SMF and clutch plate.

Wow, what a caffuffle!!!!

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I'm so glad you've sorted it out. Car problems are such a stress and hassle!

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