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ford focus reversing sensors


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Hi i own a ford focus 1.8 tdci 2003 (facelift) hatchback and am wanting to fit four reversing sensors to the rear bumper.this may sound daft but i dont want to go through the hassle of removing bumper if possible.I need a space behind bumper of 20mm for each sensor and plan to put sensors 20cm in from each end of bumper and other 2 divided between the end ones,all will be fitted 1 inch below the rubber bumper strip guard that runs along length of bumper could anyone tell me if its clear behind this are of bumper seems quite flexable in these places but am still unsure where brackets or anything else is maybe if anyone has a pic of a bumper removed may help.thanks in advance alan

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did mine a few weeks back most of bumper is flat behind

but found it better to remove it

its not that hard to take off ;)

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I took the plunge and got the drill out all fitted now and even if i do say so myself it looks like a factory fit it did help that the car is panther black and sensors were black.I was naughty and left bumper on but all was good in the end thanks for the advice.

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