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I did check this with Ford before, however reading another topic I'm not sure now.

My ST is on options and at the end of the agreement I plan to give it back to Ford and take out another options plan on a new car. So, having had mine Mountuned recently (the mountune guy at Ford said its fine if its on options) I have read that any leased car cannot be modified.

Could someone in the know please clear this up for me, can I still give it back even though it is modified?

Ignore this, I've found the answer.

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Private lease you would need their permission dude, but given this is Ford Endorsed product I cannot see it being a problem, it's not something that will cause it to lose value (their issue in point) or going to shorten the cars lifespan. Essentially it's no different from the Ford garage fitting it or you doing it via a 3rd party, either way the Finance company / underwriters own the car and not Ford from the moment you sign the agreement so it'll be fine imo on that deal, but on a private deal never ever touch anything without their say so, it will result in rape of the pockets.

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Thanks Matt. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has done the mountune with the same plan as handing it back :P

I'm paying mine monthly on finance and the dealer said to me when i picked the car up that it will be ok to get it mountuned in fact they recommended it so of course i went a head and did it :P

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