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Heavier Clutch On A Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 2014?


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Yeah My punto had loads of crap on the wing/ door frame and it was always impossible to clean off properly! Might get some flaps to improve things in that region.

Nice, so the car is miles better improvement then?

Cant believe it takes two weeks to basically put a car on a low loader/ veh transporter and drive it across! He said 7-10 days usually so that is this Wednesday on wards.... we shall see what happens!

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Apologies for resurrecting a zombie thread but I've recently bought a 2015 1.0l ecoboost 123ps Fiesta with 43000 miles on it and once I'd got it home I realised that the clutch is heavier than my 122,000-mile 2009 Galaxy 2009 2.0l TDCi which didn't seem right to me. I took it to the local independent garage I normally use and they confirmed that the clutch is very heavy so it's in today for replacement. They also said that Ford have revised the clutch kit, specifically the friction plate, so it may be the cracking problem I've read about before elsewhere?

With respect to how this one felt before I took it in, it wasn't left-leg-like-a-powerlifter heavy but my knee started to ache after driving it in traffic and as said above, if my Galaxy diesel has a lighter pedal action I'd expect a 1.0 litre petrol to be lighter still!

I'll post again once I hear from the garage as to what they find and how it feels once replaced.

With respect to driving the car and the gearing it's an absolute hoot. It'll do 65 in second before it hits the rev limiter which makes accelerating down slip roads and overtaking a doddle. You'll need to adjust your mental gearchange point calibration upwards somewhat, around town at 30 should be in 3rd maximum, 2nd can be used in comfort. The great thing is this engine is so torquey you can pootle it along in3rd from 30 and 4th from 40 and don't need to row it along on the gears like an older 1.0 litre engine would need 🙂

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