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Stupid Over Fuel Mistake! Advice Please???


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I have only had my mk4 mondeo for about 3 weeks, and made a big mistake tonight whilst refuelling! Not the usual wrong fuel, but I over filled the tank! The gauge was showing quarter of a tank, so went to fuel up, but it clicked after £30... I thought it odd so carried on fuelling, until suddenly I could hear water from somewhere. Basically, fuel was pouring from the rear drivers side wheel arch (under filler cap).

I immediately stopped, notified staff to put sand down, and paid. When I started my car, the gauge was full?

1) have I caused damage to my car?

2) should I get it checked?

3) why would the pump click after £30, but not stop when fuel is peeing out?

4) do I have a fuel gauge fault?

Or 5) is all the above irrelevant, and I've just made a rookie error?

Advice please! Put my mind at rest.

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Did you pull the nozzle out a smidge after it clicked?

...I can't seem to write this any different to make it sound less dodgy...

If the nozzle is in deep then it tends to click if it reaches the limit, but pull it out a little bit and you can often fill it up more/overfill..

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Yeah, it was in all the way... I'm just concerned that I may have caused lots of damage!

Do you know if there is a excess "run off" or something similar?

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It sounds as if something may be wrong with your fuel gauge. If the tank was 1/4 full, then you should have been able to take 3/4 of a tank (probably a bit more, as it takes a bit over 4/4 of a tank), which is about 50 - 55 litres. If you can get more than 50 litres for around £30, you'll have to tell me where you get your diesel from!

If the diesel has spilled over the paintwork, that might have taken any wax off and, if not cleaned off, it might affect lighter colours. The overflow pipe should take it out of the way of anything that might be damaged, but I wouldn't necessarily rely on it. It only really copes with dribbles rather than the full flow from a pump.

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No, wont cause any issues at all, there is an overflow pipe for this exact reason...

Does seem odd that the pump didn't click off though, probably not got the nozzle fully in...or maybe a faulty pump nozzle even.

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