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Drive Shaft Identification


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Hi all,

I'm currently in Spain and having a nightmare trying to source from a scrappy the correct drive shaft (front right) for a 1998 Courier 1.8 diesel. (None of the lo0cal scrappy's seem to have any Couriers but there are plenty of other fiestas)

I thought I had got it sorted this weekend and got stuck into the job today, but the shaft the scrappy gave me (supposedly from a '96 1.8d fiesta berlina) seemed to fit OK into the gearbox and onto the centre bearing bracket, but the hub splines are too narrow and the end is loose in the hub.

My understanding was that the shafts are interchangeable for:
Courier 96-02 1.8D
Fiesta 95-02 1.25i/1.4i/1.8D
Puma 97-02 1.25i/1.4i/1.6/1.7

So I am currently not sure whether my info is wrong or the scrappy has given me a different part from what I asked for. My poor command of the Spanish language doesn't help matters, so if anyone could help me clear up the part confusion I may have a better chance of muddling through when I return there!


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