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Seat Conversion/ Wiring Problem

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Hi all I have picked up a full leather interior for my 55 tdci as my drivers seat had ripped.

The ones I got were from a 2003 ghia x.

Mine on the drivers side seat had electric up and down electrics for the airbag also the seatbelt warning light/noise.

I fitted the leather seats which have electric up down forwards and backwards, same airbag and I think same seat belt arrangement and also have heated seats.

The harness in my car has less wires to it than the car I removed the seats from so I just connected the plug to the seat and hoped for the best. Now the seat movement options all work fine but the airbag light has lit on the dash and the seatbelt alarm keeps going off when the seatbelt is clicked in.

Does anyone have a diagram which tells me what wires on my harness connect to what on the seat please?

I am hoping I can piggy back wires to other sockets to cure my problem.

Also does anyone know if the harness in the car is a fixed part of the main car harness or if I trace the harness in the donor car back is it plugged in to the main harness and removable with the heated seat switches? I am not to fussed about the heated seats working but if it cures my problems and the heated seats do work then bonus.

Many thanks for your time and a Happy New Year to everyone. Mine is a mondeo 2l tdci 130 55plate the donor car is a 2003 2.5v6 mondeo petrol ghia x model.

PS: My apologies if there is already a topic on this, I just couldn't find it to post.

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Think if you make a little diagram of the wiring connections on your original seat and also the new seat, plus the same for the harness connection from the car that will help you understand things better. Just do it as a grid with the colour of the wires listed in each square. That will help you understand if some connections now don't marry up with the body harness connector.

If there's a wiring diagram available on here or similar forum you should be able to match up the wiring colours going to the body harness plug and possibly the seat too, but obviously it seems like those differ between model specs.

For the wiring connections on the seat itself, if the seat for Mondeo is similar build as those on the X-Type then the seat connection is basically a plastic cage which several different little multi-plugs connect into depending what features are on the seat. So in theory you can unplug these and swap about to different positions as needed.

For the seat wiring in the main harness unfortunately this will be integrated into the main harness as different parts of it will go off to different modules and so on in the main loom, not just the heated seat switches.

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Thanks Troy I have had a scan about on the wiring diagrams available on line and now see I can just pull plugs out from the plastic housing on the in car harness and swap to the correct connector for the required seat options. I should have my airbag problem sorted pretty soon. The wife drove it first and said the seatbelt light and noise were going off all the time, I drove it and it is not the seatbelt noise/light it is just the airbag light flashing (bless her she is blonde).

I am just hoping that when I swap connectors and cure the airbag problem I don't lose any seat movement options although this should be easily cured with a piggy back wire.

Online a few have said it is easy to install the wires and relay to get the heated seats working but that is maybe something I will look at later as I have a dodgy back and lying upside under the dash is a bit of a no go. And I am not sure if the plug behind the coin holder/cup holders area is there so I can install the switches in that location like they are on the donor car.

I will keep all updated with what happens when I swap plugs about so people have a reference if they do the same.

Thanks again Troy. Is that focus of yours pictured at Shell by Macdonalds in sunny Congleton?

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Glad you're getting there slowly.

For the power seat movements it's very possible that most of the wiring is contained within the seat, after all as the switches are mounted on the seat it only needs a power supply to it for everything to work, no matter how many different types of electric adjustment are available.

Maybe for the heated seat switches just check if the plugs are already there behind the dash and then you'll have an idea of the task ahead.

The photo of my ST is at Shell Sandiway on the A49, it got there that night running on fumes after I'd misjudged how much fuel it'd use for a little spin to Whitchurch and back :rolleyes:

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Hi well it's official I am a muppet, after checking wiring diagrams and more I was confused why my airbag light stayed on.

I found the solution, When fitting the leather seats make sure you plug in the passenger side seat into the harness and don't be an idiot and forget like I did. Plug it in and presto airbag light is off.

The wire behind the coin holder is there and after an hour with auto electrician the heated seat work fine so job done.

I can't say what he did but he did say it was easy and only took an hour including coffee breaks.

I interchanged the console around the gearstick and swapped the bottom bit of console where the switches sit, a colour match luckily and all is well.

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