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Glow Plugs And Diesel Injectors Issue

Michael Snelling

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During the Christmas break i decided to change the glow plugs on my 1.4 Diesel Fiesta (06). When doing so the second one came out minus the ceramic tip (approx 3-4 cm removed with a clear sheer). After looking around the safest bet looks like cylinder removing the head to remove the offending item (I’m sure it’s in the same position and is fixed in position by corrosion).

First off has anyone got tips to remove the tip without removing the cylinder head? and secondly looking at all the manuals it looks like the injectors need to be fully removed to remove the head. Is this necessary? Would removing the fuel lines be sufficient?

Cheers for any suggestion in advance


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eBay have plenty of glow plug removal kits from £40 upwards.

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