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Good On Kent Police


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Just saw this... Glad Kent Police caught him...

Fact he's doing 140 is stupid, but that didn't bother me (traffic was light) but to do it with a six year old on the front seat, that guy should have been shot at dawn.

What amuses me is that's the same spot I got blues on my tail doing over 100 years ago and thankfully was let off.... But I wouldn't have even done 100 with the kids in the car, let alone 140 front seat.

And how the bleedin hell he got away with a three year ban and community hours is beyond comprehension...

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don't see any way he couldn't of been banned. complete dangerous idiot. child or no child should of been banned and for a lot longer in my opinion. then the fact he did have his poor terrified child in there with him should call for an even bigger penalty.

you should have been banned as well to be fair for doing over a 100 and i don't see how you wasn't

i drive a beasty 2.2 turbo diesel and obviously i'd love to put my foot down and see what i can get out of it but i'm too paranoid to go above 76 as knowing my luck the second i go above 80 i'd get pinged

growing up when i was a kid we had to get the bus everywhere and it was horrible as me old man must of lost his license at least 3 times in a row for speeding

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Couldnt agree more Charlie. He did get off leniantly!

As for me, I agree, and I suspect any other day, I would have been. It was Christmas Eve a good few years ago, I was doing about 110 on the motorway, then all of a sudden an undercover police car came up behind me, flashed his blues.

He was either full of Christmas Cheer, didnt want to do the paperwork, or had no evidence to prove my excessive speed. Either way, it scared the living hell outa me, and from that I learned a lesson. Lets just say speed is something I reserve for exceptional occassions and I expect if I get caught and banned for it then its well deserved.

As I say, it was a lesson learned! and I do it these days, but 140 on the motorway, I agree.... He should have been banned for longer!

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