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Ford Focus 2.0Tdci Saloon, Clunk In Steering

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I've had this slow developing fault for the past year now, original when the engine was cold and the weather cold it would make a clunk that could be felt in the steering wheel at 12 o'clock. Eventually it would fade as the car warmed up.

Now the issue is more serious and permanent. The effect on the steering is far more obvious. When you are going along a gentle curve and you are steering round it (no problem at this stage as I have not met the clunk) then the clunk happens and it then strongly turns right or left depending on which way you are going. Similarly as the engine warms up the issues fades, but is still there!

I keep having it looked at and can't help that I am bing bumped by them. They replaced the steering arms (allegedly) and after about a month the issue returned. Typically I didn't go to a ford dealer as I am also dubious to there diagnostics. In that they would probably say there is nothing wrong and charge me £80 per half hour and then £30 to top up the window screen washer!

Now I have someone suggested that the clunk is coming from the steering rack as when you press your foot to the floor under the pedals you can feel the vibration of the clunk.

Also the Steering fluid is Black. I could just change this, but of course there could be an issue as to why it is black.

Does anyone have some suggestions or similar experience with this?

Many Thanks


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clunk, broken spring or top mount bearing ????

As for black brake fluid it should be changed every 2 years due to the anti corrosive properties and it being HYGROSCOPIC (water absorbing) absorbs moisture from the atmosphere ....

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Should I pay to get it changed? Or is it something I could do myself I saw that Ford using a specific Fluid or is it the same as all the others? Ford Quoted about £130 to change the fluid.

By the way the car is at 116k miles. Should that be relevant. I don't think the fluid has ever been changed.

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I totally read that wrong sheesh my eye balls. POWER STEERING fluid should be a nice pinky red a complete flush is definitely required.

why the dickings im blabbering on about brake fluid for god knows, but hey it needs changing lol.

as for the fluid change if you get it wrong it can get very messy , Haynes manual and you should be fine if you feel confident

If your confident about changing the fluid then do so, if you have no clue I would ring round for the best price independent garages are the best bet.

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Some fords have issues with the Universal Joint on the steering column which is close to the pedals/floor where you are feeling the clunk, also the bolt that holds the UJ in place. I'd place money on it being one of those two.

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