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Hello everyone, looking forward to picking your brains, :D . Just bought a 95 Escort Estate 1.6 16v 90 BHP, needs a new water temp sensor :rolleyes: . I'm hoping all the good stories I hear about this engine are true :) . I won't tell you what I paid for it as here in Poland 2nd hand cars sell for 3x, or more, UK price :( . It's fitted with an LPG system.

Dark windows are a "P" in the "A" when parking at night <_<


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Thanks for the "welcomes". I got it cheap because he needed a quick sale, so "only' 1200 Pounds. It has got a set of nearly new snow tyres with steel wheels and the gas is only 4 months old. Before you say the gas would cost that in the UK: when I came to Poland I had a quote for single point gas in the UK 1200-1250? Pounds, I then had a single point computer controlled gas installation fitted(Xantia), with the tank where the wheel goes(more expensive than a bottle in the boot) for about 250-275 Pounds, in Poland. I've seen late Mk1 Mondeos 95-97? for sale at about 1400 Pounds. Bear in mind that most of the cars here have been in an accident and repaired and 99.99% have been clocked.....by a lot, like -100k klm not miles. Mine has 112500 KLM(70k miles, about) HA, HA, HA, HA, he said it was original, old lady used to go to church in it every Sunday bla bla bla. It has a hole worn in the side of the drivers seat = 120-140K+ miles?

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