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Ford Ka 2002 Front/rear Wipers & Washer Stopped Working


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The Wipers etc suddenly decided to pack up on my daughters car.

Have been working fine since summer.

Checked fuse (20amp) which had blown.

Replaced this but wipers only dragged themselves across screen a couple of times before fuse blew again.

I now want to see if the relay is the problem so I want to replace.

However I don't know which plug in relay it is - ie 3 pin brown coloured or a 5 pin green.

Also, how do I source one.

If anyone can help with knowledge or a diagram I'd be grateful


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Or the phoshor bronze bushing on the armature of the wiper motor has dried out, and there is little lubrication. The increased friction would cause the motor to stall. Which in turn causes the fuse to blow.

The fact that is will run a couple of times albeit slowly, before blowing again - suggests to me, this is what is happening. I've had two wiper motors do this to me but not on Ford wipers.

You'll need to remove the motor, and possibly remove the casing (I don't actually know wiper motor concerned), and then drip feed 3-in-1 oil onto the gold coloured bushing, it will readily soak it up. Keep feeding it until it will soak up no more. When that occurs, wipe off the surplus and reassemble

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Hi. Just seen this thread hopefully you have it sorted . I did my nieces a couple of weeks ago with the same symptoms. I eventually found a broken wire about 3 inches from the washer pump.  Access meant removal of wipers and plastic cover no real problem. No reason why it had broken.  Hope this helps.

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