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Heater Resistor Bank


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Could anyone please supply a definitive answer please ? Where on my 2006 Fiesta Style RHD is the resistor bank for the heater fan located ?

Having read so many postings, I'm confused by the previous responses to similar queries.



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The resistor pack is tucked up in. The centre console in the DRIVER footwell. Its here all on fiestas from 2002-2008.

The heater motor however can be either in the driver's footwell with easy access or the passenger footwell which is a nightmare

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Ok I've removed the side panels from the centre console ( the Torx headed screw just kept on turning ) so had to be levered off breaking the clip behind. Anyway, I've looked all around but can't see the resistor bank anywhere. Is it up where the steering column goes through the fascia ?

Please if anyone knows, give me simple directions. Beginning to think it doesn't exist !

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The resistor is tucked up in the side of the Centre console in the driver's footwell. It has a screw at the top & bottom & a grey electrical connector

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