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S-Max 1.8Tdci Starting Issue


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My wife's S-max 1.8tdci has started playing silly buggers. Sometimes it won't start. Sometime's it's fine, sometimes it will start, but cut's out. Waiting 5 mins it'll generally start.

I wonder if it's a sticky throttle body. But... I had to admit this, but it's a new car to us, and It's not where I'd expect it to be.

The engine Label has 6G6Q-6007-BB . Lynx IN CD340 (100PS) 5 .. A bar code and ELD08 13100607424182 082

Here's a pic of the engine bay.:


I guess it's behind the engine, but following the air pipes takes me to the Turbo, then it all get's a bit messy. I suspect the throttle body is the item just behind the oil filler, but I'd like to get some confirmation. The air pipe from the intercooler is connected to this part.

Searching the internet for hours didn't help. I'm beginning to think it's an unusual or very reliable engine (Yea right).

I don't think the DMF is an issue, as there's little shake, but I'd also like to know where the crank sensor is.

Thanks in advance.

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Looks like a fuel issue. There is loads of air in the fuel filter. There is also an aftermarket inline hand fuel pump (Bulb thing) that been added. I cannot imagine the fuel line normally run's around the front of the engine.

Pumping the fuel and opening the top drain plug releases air and allows the engine to start.

So time to address the wrongly sized jubilee clips and change the fuel filter while I'm at it.

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And a few hours later with a new filter and gasket, Replace an overly large jubilee clip and other assorted clean up, an obviously bodged addition of a hand priming pump (Massive jubilee clip and the wrong size fuel pipe and everything is back to into place.

Starting seems much better and it doesn't have that sluggishness that would occasionally have.

Time and the wife driving it will tell.

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