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noise in back


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when out in the car .noise like somebody talking looked at phone nothing  wife phone nothing .stopped the looked in boot back seat nothing , seemed to happed when you went over a ruff bit of road , stopped again looked in the back pocket one of the grandkids had put a macds minions and it was that . kids lol

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Had a slightly similar thing in the house, when my cat Bunty decided sleep on top of one of the TV remote controls.  All my TVs are LG and all the remotes seem to work with all of them, and when distracted, some of them can end up in the same room.

Suddenly in the middle of watching TV one night, the volume went from my normal setting all the way up to maximum.  Turning it back down, as soon as I'd removed my thumb from the rocker button, back up it went to maximum.  This occurred several times, it didn't initially make any sense, it was as if someone else had control of my TV volume:unsure:

Looking round the lounge, for a moment, I noticed another remote control sticking out from under Bunty, it's transmitter end pointing towards the TV and her rear paw was on the volume rocker switch:lol:


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