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MK2 Focus Gear Gaiter and Surround separation


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Been looking at all the guides, and build threads relating to MK2 Centre consoles, but not quite found what I am after. 

Wanted to find out if the Gear Knob, Gaiter and Surround are all one piece, and if so, can they be removed easily from the centre console?

Reason being the surround is scratch to feck on mine which is bugging me, and also the gaiter is detached from the actual knob. I've seen 2nd hand eBay replacements for around a tenner, which is not bad if it all just clips together, and I don't be left with a loose knob! 

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The frame/surround is fairly easy to pop out once you have the knack, if it's being replaced then at least you don't have to worry about being too rough with it.  I replaced mine with a genuine Ford part (nicer leather than the original & the surround was chrome not Satin silver) I've got some pics in the build thread.

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The main surround can be levered out and then the gaiter snap fits in. The top of the gaiter is elasticated and fits around the bottom of the gear knob which just screws on.

I've had mine to pieces and sprayed the surround as it was all scratched and scruffy.


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