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Mk2 1.6 TI-VCT Spark plug recommendations and gap sizes


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Can anyone recommend good spark plugs for this engine? After having problems with coolant getting on plugs, once I had all this sorted I decided to try some Bosch super4 plugs after getting superb results with my old Escort. But the ones I've brought, I'm quite disappointed with and I think reason being is the plugs aren't truly for this engine. As when I first visited Bosch website it listed HR8 MEV, HR8 MCV+, and some iridium plugs (states only for LPG tho). And the first two, it says are gapped at 1.3mm. Tarnock ford said he plugs should have HR SEVEN MEV stamped on them and gapped at 1.2mm. However when I emailed asking if Bosch supplied super4 plugs they said HR78NX, so I asked if they was sure as it wasn't listed, but then few weeks later, they added them which seems  bit suspicious. But looking in net, a lot of people praise iridium, but I'm put off as Bosch (at least), only say they're for LPG and they're ones are gapped at .90mm. Does anyone have good advice for determining when you have managed to fit good plugs apart from he smooth running? The HC emissions on MOT were 100, and previous year they were only 17, and I'm certain the plugs aren't helping. Thanks for any help received.

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its Bosch iridium super as standard its what I use and always have the gap is 1.0mm as adjusted by ford to prevent coil packs from burning out early ford confirmed these gaps on my service ford also use rebranded Bosch iridium plugs the plugs you need are super 4 plugs are no good period for this or any other engine ...as for smooth running you should use dielectric grease on both ends of the leads i doubt you're hc readings are just down to plugs

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