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I have a focus zetec 1.6 2010 in the mornings when l first start the car its really tappety

l have booked it into a garage still under warranty how long does it take to change the tappets

l would like to add she is not so tappety when she warmed up but you can still hear them

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If it is a 1.6 Duratec Petrol engine it has solid valve tappets and not hydraulic ones. This type of engine is known to be quite noisy after a cold start.

The valve lash of this type of engine is adjusted by changing the complete valve tappets which are available in about 25 different sizes. The valve lash needs to be checked (and adjusted if needed) every 100.000 Miles (same interval as the timing belt). To change the valve tappets it is necessary to remove the timing belt and camshafts.

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