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Pinstripe wind deflectors


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I've seen a few pinstriped deflectors knocking about, some look quite smart. 

Anyone know of any pinstriping tape in blue? Silver? Chrome? 

I've seen some on eBay, but wonder how the curve of the tape on deflector would turn out like. 

Anyone done this? 

Many thanks. Cookey. 

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Get down to ya local Halfords mate.

My one had black, chrome and white but no white in 2mm. In the section where the stickers are.

Can't find white 2mm in any store.


Happy hunting.

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Lpoking sweet cookey, doing mine tomorrow i hope in white. Thinking about taking the same line as you.


Where dis you get the tape from?

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Only applied it yesterday mate. Had no rain as yet. It should be alright. Its "designed" for the exterior of a car so... 

I'd get some mate. For the price. You get a good length of tape anyway.. i'll drop a post on how it holds up in rain, when it rains even if you do have it on or not by then. 

And cheers man. 

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19 hours ago, Cookey09 said:

My dad gave my car a quick once over just to get the sand and dust off from the weekend. The tape is absolutely fine mate. 

Ah nice one mate, going to order some red for mine, think it will be a nice touch. 

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