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dent removal any ideas??


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So I was out today and as the title says my car felt the slight impact of a garbage truck. This little FEZ is having no luck lately. Basically it has a left a nice sized dent in the back left panel (I own the 3dr so no door damage thank goodness) and the wheel arch has a small dent on too. That looks a little creased. Then there is obviously the scratches :( Any one got any quick cheap fixes for it. Contacted a dent puller and was quoted just under £250. Not what i wanna spend on my first car for a couple of dents and scratches. 

Cheers Guys


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Just wondering. If the garbage truck did the damage surely they'd be paying?


I'd say leaving it would be the cheapest way of sorting it. Anything cheap would look terrible. Or actually do more damage. Save up abit and get it done at a body shop

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That does sound terrible. The driver of the garbage truck is liable and you can claim of that persons insurance; if you you don't have the other drivers details but remember what he/she looks like, contact your council to find out who it is.

You can claim off the other drivers insurance as it is not your fault. You shouldn't have to pay. If you still want to repair it yourself or by a body shop, could I see a photo of the damage to advise you further?

All the best with it.

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