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Mini 0805 Dashcam


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Hi guys,

So my 0801 has completely died now. :sad: 

Looking for a replacement, with the main criteria being compact size, sticky pad (sucker wont work where I want it) and a screen.  So guessing the 0805 is the ideal replacement really!

Problem is they seem to be quite expensive, around £50-£60, I'm sure I didn't pay anywhere near that for the 0801 a couple of years ago!  Anyone know where to find them cheaper?  Or if there are any others that are actually the same just a different brand?  I can't work out which are just cheap copies.  Also not sure whether I should get a GPS one or not, I do occasionally stray over posted limits so that may cause more harm than use lol.

Also, I will be needing a new micro(?) SD card for the new dashcam, preferably bigger than 32GB, any recommendations?


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Check this site out. (You may already be aware since your 0806 is featured) http://www.techmoan.com/what-is-the-best-dashcam/

I have the AutoVox Wedge Cam (called the A11 on his site) Another name for it is the B50 something or other. @Stoney871  aka Clive has one too 

On TechMoan he has the G1W under Best Cheap Camera (from China) 



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Thanks, I see the wedge cam is over £50 as well though.

Want something as discrete as that or the mini 0805 but for about £30.

Been searching on and off for weeks and still not found anything to meet my budget and criteria. :sad:

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