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Climair Focus Estate 2014+


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I've had a look and am either daft, lazy or just ignorant.

Are the Climair Deflectors for a Focus Estate different from the hatchback? The rears I suspect so but what about the front?

I dislike paying full price for anything and if I can pick a set up cheaply then I'll get some. Only really thinking on Climair. Though I suspect a fair amount of price fixing as a I look about.

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2 hours ago, Joss max said:

Team Heko is your alternative to claimair. #just throwing it in there

Yeah I had seen that. Looking though other threads the opinion is pretty split. 

While manufacturers don't always get it right. I prefer to stick with 'standard' where I can. Tends to be a better fit. 

So far the mud flaps, boot edge protector, standard mats and metal division boot linner reinforce that thought. Over the years I've mixed it up but now I'm getting pernickity and lazy in my old age. 

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Not got any yet but will pretty much go Climair. Kind of realised I've been pooping out money all month. Might have to wait a couple of weeks. Though I might just get them tomorrow if local parts have them :)

I'll post pics when I get them on. 

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heko and climair look like virtually identical  products to me looking at pictures of both

just that one is twice the price of the other without offering anything extra.........


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I caved. Went to local stealers parts dept. Ordered the rear dark deflectors as they were out of stock but picked up the fronts today. 

A few images below. Before, fittment at each end and overall look. 

Absolutely no clips, tools or trickery required. Only grip is fitting is tight and at points feels like a snap might happen. Though highly unlikely. 






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