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Focus fr ball joints


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2005 Focus 1.6 Ghia petrol.

Is there any way bar the obvious, of telling which size fr ball joints fit my motor?

Apparently, they come in two sizes, 18mm and 21mm and I'd like to know which are on mine without having to strip it down to find out.

Is there a "how to change the fr suspension arms" anywhere?


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i thought I read a previous post where someone said there was some kind of coloured tab or coloured collar on it that denoted the size.

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Information gleaned from the web (and a manufacturers website), stated that you can tell by the colour of the circlip holding the boot on the balljoint. It matched to mine (blue, 21mm). Year also comes into play, < 2007 > 2007. The only sure fire way is probably to measure.

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