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Sat Nav update! - Sync 2

Phil B

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How do you update the maps etc with Sync 2? There seems to be a few links suggesting this is possible, but not found an answer yet. I have a 66 plate Ford Focus. The SD card has for the Sat Nav has a F5 sticker on it. I have loaded this into my computer and have found that the version text file states the map is dated 2013:03:15. Some 4 years out of date!! I decided to get a car with Sat Nav included as I cover a lot of miles in areas I am not familiar with. I have found that so many times the Sat Nav cannot find the address I need, so have to use Google Maps and then try to find on my Sync 2. (Very time consuming)! I have come across many new roads and motorways which simply don't exist, so it looks like I am ploughing through fields! and hence can't calculate an efficient route. At my service last week, my local Ford dealer said there are no updates. Really!! If this uses tomtom maps, there must me a way to keep up to date, surely?

Any help on this, or links to update files would be a great help.



Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.49.30.png

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@Phil B Hi Phil, 1. the maps are not from tomtom but from HERE. 

2. Do not look at the txt file inside it does not correspond with the reality even in the latest F6 card i have the same info but i can see in my navigation new roads that were opened last year. But that depends from country to country i guess. So yeah look for F6 version on eBay. Was released in May 2017.


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