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Replacement DAB Head unit for a Mondeo MKIV 2011 Titanium X

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Hi All,

I need some help and after going through several threads in the forum, there isn't one that quite addresses what I want to do. I'm in the market to replace my current head unit in my Mondeo Mark IV Titanium X estate. It's a 2011 reg and I'm struggling to confirm which unit I have and what units I can replace it with. What I would like to have/continue using in a new unit is:

  • SatNav
  • bluetooth connectivity for calls and still use the steering wheel controls
  • DAB (my current unit doesn't have this)
  • USB input for iPhone lighting cables (as my current head unit only supports 30pin iPods using the Y cable)
  • Reversing camera support (need this to keep working)


I suspect that maybe a Mark 5 head unit might do the trick or an Eonon unit (, but any recommendations/advise/experience would be greatly appreciated.


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Attached image of current head unit

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Well after speaking with Eonon's online support it turns out that they don't make a replacement head unit for this specific facia/model :msn-cry: but after watching this video, I can understand why - 


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added head unit removal video

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