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Fiesta MK6 ignition problem (won't start) flashing light.


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Hi all

just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, Ive started having an issue with my ford fiesta mk6 zetec S 1.6 2007 petrol, when i put the key in the ignition everything is fine radio comes on like normal but when i turn it all the way to start the car sometimes nothing happens and they red light on the dash just flashes rapidly, but after a bit of messing about i usually get it to work.

Another thing i've noticed is the when the car is up and running a slight knock on the key while its in the barrel can cause the engine to cut out. 


I thought its something to do with the immobiliser or something the keys are the original ford keys. Any idea what is causing it, how much to repair? 


Any help and advice much appreciated 




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Get an obd tool they are probably the most useful thing you can buy to help you fix your car or find the problem ready for it to hit the local garage.

I have a handheld one i use but also got a couple of different bluetooth ones which I use with Torque pro on my android phone - the really useful thing is you can plug it in and drive somewhere and running the Torque app will pull out intermittent faults / performance issues / mpg etc

So useful with these modern computer controlled thingummajigs lol Pulls all the data from the Ecu unlike the old days when everything was manual and mechanics used their sixth sense to diagnose faults lol

Total cost for an elm327 off eBay will be about £5 and the torque app is free although its best to buy the full version £2.50.
The amount of money it will save you cannot be measured - it will even allow you to reset a MIL  light and get you home if you are stranded - I speak from experience on that one!

Quite the most useful thing I have ever bought for car mechanics!

Handheld one i can recommend is the obd800 but yourproblem sounds more like a wiring issue but you never know these days!



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my initial thought from the symptons made me think it is something to do with the detection of the chip in the key, even if you had not said that yourself.

do you have another key you can try?  also use a key on its own with no other keys on the key ring in case anything else on the same key ring is confusing the chip detector.

also check the chip detector behind the steering column plastic cover to see if in place properly and wiring on properly.

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Hi all

i have the same problem i have put a elm 327 and the codes it has given me is...

B1681 PATS Transceiver Module Signal Is Not Received  

b1601 PATS Received incorrect key-code from ignition key transponder 

this problem seems to be getting worse, it starts after some messing about but its definitely getting worse, any idea how much this will be to get sorted and can a auto electrician sort it out? the 2 keys are the original and both have the same problem.




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