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Hi there.


I know that this subject was touched so many times here but i am struggling to tie up signs and symptoms described here on forums to marry up with my car issue. Yesterday on a way home whilst going up hill the EML come up showing ESP fault. Drove home without any problems, the car was not loosing any power or nothing. When parked up and restarted the car the error wen. Switched ignition on and Engine light came up. The obd2 scanner spit out the P2263 Turbocharger / supercharger Boost System Performace code. I have reseted it switched the car on and off few times, no problems. I have drove the car to work - no issues.


The only thing i have notice is that when pressing accelerator and releasing it the turbo dump valve don't make the whistle sound no more. I hope it's not the turbo that went.

Thanks in advance for help

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