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Nice Focus Rs Concept

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looks looooovely, but tbh not a fan of the rear lights on the new focus....... they leave a lot tot be desired... still wouldnt refuse if offered lol

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This Picture from Auto Express says Coupe is on it's way , hope it looks better than this lol.


Ford's new sportscar is based on Focus MkIII and evokes spirit of legendary Capri.

It’s the return of a legend – the Ford coupé is back! Auto Express can exclusively reveal that the blue oval is taking on the VW Scirocco with a modern interpretation of the Capri.

Since the Cougar left the line-up in 2002, Ford has stood by and watched the sexy Scirocco take the market by storm. The firm’s new model is based on the Focus MkIII, and will have two roles – replacing the outgoing three-door hatch and providing a thrilling flagship for the entire range.

The Focus coupé is set to make its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January in the form of a dramatic concept. As with the latest Focus and Fiesta, it’s a ‘world car’ – a result of the One Ford global design strategy.

Speaking to Auto Express recently, design boss Martin Smith hinted that now is the right time for a coupé. “Our plan was always to get the basic Ford product line-up successful,” he said. “Now we have done that, we can start to build more exciting products – and we’ll show how we’re going to do this at Detroit.”

An industry insider backed this up, revealing: “Designers have spent most of this year working on the coupé concept. As inspiration they’ve had pictures of Capris on their studio walls.” But, as you can see from our images, this is no retro design. The car takes inspiration from the Focus ST (Issue 1,132), although the shape is stretched and widened, making it long, low and dramatic.

At the front is a gaping grille, and there’s a steeply sloping screen at the rear. One nod to the past is the distinctive Capri-style curving C-pillars, while details such as LED headlights, large alloys and a centre-exit exhaust complete the look.

The new coupé sits on a development of the ST’s front-wheel-drive chassis, and will share the same traction-enhancing torque vectoring system. But it has a wider track to aid stability. Performance comes from the same 247bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine, enabling 0-60mph in around six seconds and a top speed of 155mph.

The new unit will make a thrilling sound, thanks to a combination of intake and exhaust tuning that gives a soft note on small throttle openings, and a hard-edged noise at high revs. Expect lower-powered petrol and diesel engines to be offered as well.

While the coupé concept debuts at Detroit in January, the production version isn’t likely to arrive until 2012.

Read more: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/focus/34384/ford-focus-coup-its-way#ixzz2GqMGlczX

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just leave it at the rs then...... all the new cars now are beginning to look ugly, and using same ideas/designs same as the vw in the rite up... i stand with what i say, best looking focus since first built imo is the facelift rs. but im more a old skool type of bloke, mk1 astras, mk3 escorts.... i suppose things of my era what i grew up with, vauxhall lotus carlton.......

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Hi, the date of the AE article is Nov 2010, since then Ford have stated there isn't any plans to release a coupe...

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It would be nice if they went for a three door model, and change some of the styling away from the ST

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