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How to program transponder fiesta mk7 2009?


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Hi all,

I purchased a flip key on eBay.

Programmed the fob section okay but when attempting to program the transponder it fails to do so.

The steps i followed were,

1st original key turn to on for 3 seconds

2nd original key turn to on for 3 seconds

New key to on for 3 seconds.

It WILL start the engine but the red light in the dash for the PAT system will flash repeatidly for about 2 minutes and once it stops flashing the key will no longer start the engine?

I have a ford fiesta mk7 2009 any help would be appretiated!

Hopefully it can be done without going to the dealer!

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I'm surprised the third key even starts the car at all.

Under the PatsII immobiliser system transponders can only be added to the car via a dedicated programming unit such as IDS or with a modified ELM327 interface cable and a program called Forscan with a temporary advanced licence (all free via the Forscan forum).

The problem with Forscan is that unless you really read up on what is involved and thoroughly understand the process that you could end up debonding all existing keys or potentially bricking your ECU thus incurring a big bill to sort it all out.

Personally I would strongly advise that you ring some Auto Locksmiths, explain what you require and get quotes.

Programming a pre-cut key will take less than 5 minutes tops and shouldn't be too expensive.

At least then you avoid Dealership costs, they will most likely refuse to program a self-sourced key and in all likelihood insist you buy a new key, pay for a diagnostic check (usually a charge for an hours labour plus the plugging in of the computer while they have a coffee break on your coin) and then promptly call in the self same locksmith you yourself could have dealt with directly & charge you at their rate which may run to £200+, add the cost of the key and you may be looking at £300 or more.

IMO, why go through a song and dance with the dealership when you can cut out all the faffing around and deal direct with the guy that can do exactly what you really want and for probably £50 - £60.


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Thanks very much for the advice that was very helpful I will price an auto locksmith on Monday!

In the meantime, I removed the transponder from my spare key that does not have a built in fob.

I placed the transponder in the new key wherever i could fit it, although it still does not start the engine, is there a particular area the transponder has to be for it to be read?


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IIRC the transponder chip on a flip key is in the end cap where the key blade is held.

The transponder needs to be as near to the transponder ring around the ignition barrel as possible to be detected.

Was your chip a carbon or glass type?-



The end cap is glued and pinned so is tricky to open without damaging something or losing the flip spring-



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That absolutely did the trick! That was exactly the same key you linked too! Your right the transponder was right beside the blade hidden in a little hole popped that out and put in my spare keys one and it did the trick! 

Thanks a lot for your help stoney you have been extrememly helpful!

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