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Coolant expansion tank


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Hi all,
I’ve noticed lately my coolant expansion tank is having to be refilled almost every couple of days.
Now last year I had a small crack which was found when I last had my mot/service. This expansion tank was replaced and it was replaced with a new one.
I was told this was a common issue in these expansion tanks for the 2008 fiestas old shape.
Now I’m wondering if the potential leak could possible be somewhere else in the cooling system for the car.
A week or two ago I came back from cinema and there was a puddle of coolant on the car park floor. Noticeably below where the cooling radiator sits.
I’m due a mot and service come this June so wondering if I should wait till then to get it fixed and just keep topping up. Planning a major service just to ensure car is ok and no surprises later down the line even though I had a major service last year.
I’ve noticed during hot weather coolant seems to disappear a lot quicker.
Again today I check and the coolant level had dropped a lot and I last topped it up a few days ago.
I’m wondering if this a sign that maybe I should be looking for a new car considering the car is coming up to 10 years old.
Had mot and service during its lifetime.
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I used to have on 06 Fiesta and I had exactly the same problem.   I invested in a bottle of Bar's Leaks and the problem was cured.

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So after getting some bar’s leak at beginning of the week I had a full blown coolant leak on the way home. 


Had to call AA. Basically they said The water junction on front of the engine was leaking. 

Is this where the water pump sits? Will have to get a new pump installed? How much could I be looking at to get this fixed? Thanks. 

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