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Chrome boot trim grab handle, Focus 2008 Titanium. Need to source one.

The Joshua Tree

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I need a bit of help.

I noticed the other day that the Chrome boot trim grab handle looked loose, it's the chrome trim that has the boot unlock handle in it. I took the panels off and had a look, at least 4 of the plastic lugs that hold the bolts have snapped away inside, not sure if someone has had a go at trying to get it off or they have come away with age. I did try and superglue them back on but they are having none of it.

Anyway i need to try and find a new one, chrome ones seem hard to come by or stupidly over priced if you do manage to find one. I don't mind a black one if they do one as it would look better as well imo, has anyone any ideas as to where i can get one or can help in any way ?


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The chrome ones are very difficult to find.  You'll have to wait ages or pay silly prices for one.

Most cone body coloured so it should be easier and cheaper to get a black one.

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ASM breakers as mentioned above should have one in stock somewhere, at a decent price too.


http://breakers.asm-autos.co.uk/parts-breaking-tyres/breaker-details/Ford-Focus-2008-To-2010-Titanium-5-Door-Hatchback/16378 This one should be of use, just send a parts enquiry to check its still available.

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