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GTA Online (PS4, XB1 and PC)


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Has anyone here played Grand Theft Auto Online?

There are a few vehicles in the game based on Ford vehicles. As part of the Doomsday Heist update released in December 2017, they added a car based on a Mk1 Escort and called it the Vapid Retinue (Vapid is the manufacturer and refers to lots of vehicles based on Ford vehicles but also includes Chevvy and Dodge). 

In April, another update (Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series) added 4 vehicles based on Ford cars. The first one to be released was called the Vapid Ellie, referencing the GT500 Mustang Eleanor from the Gone in 60 Seconds films. The second release was called the Vapid Flash GT and is mostly based on the Fiesta RS WRC car but does contain aspects from the Focus RS RX too.
The 3rd vehicle is called the Dominator GTX, which is based on the newer version of the Mustang. There already was a new version of the Mustang (Dominator) in the game since release but this is an updated version. 
The last ford vehicle to be added as part of the update was the GB200 which is based on the RS200.

The game is full of Ford vehicles which vary from classics and hotrods to current generation releases. 
I do like the game when they release classic vehicles.

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