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Air Con Troubles (Again!)

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I have an ongoing issue with my air-con. I have had it recharged twice in about 12 months and it only seems to be effective for about a month and then it is not working. However, I have just had it leak tested and there are no leaks in the system.

I've had a quick read online (I'm very much a novice) and I've changed my air filter as suggested, which hasn't helped at all. As I say, no leaks. All fuses are working. 

When I switch the air con on, the light illuminates on the AC button and all the fans work correctly as well.

Please help, it's driving me mad in this heat!


I have a Ford Focus, 59 plate, 1.8TDCi.

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If a re gas solves it for a month, I would say you do have a leak.

I have a 2009 Focus, I had it re gassed 2 years ago just because it had never been done, it didn't work any better and that's on a nearly nine year old car.

I think there was a problem if they drop the engine to change a cam belt and leave leave the hoses connected and stretch them, that would mean an intermittent leak when you went over bumps ETC.

As far as I know the re gas doesn't work if it detects a leak but you may not have one if the car is parked up. So check the top front hose that is meant to be disconnected on the cam belt change to see if there is any sign of damage.



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