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Mk2.5 automatic showing park on the display when in drive


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Hi all,

this is my first question on here. I have just bought a 2010 Focus Automatic Titanium. Most of the time it shows “Park” on the central display even when in Drive or reverse. It occasionally goes but is mostly showing Park. Any ideas?


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I did see your previous post but can't say I've heard of this problem before at all, the lack of replies may mean that no-one else has either.

Do you have any other dash cluster issues?  Poor solder connections in the dash cluster is quite common, although more so on the older Mk2s, so that could be the cause here.

I assume you don't have any physical issues with the gears so that should mean the PCM and TCM know which gear you're in, they're just not relaying that to the dash display for some reason.

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Cheers Tomsfocus for the reply. I wasn’t sure if I’d posted properly as it was my first time. It’s strange. Some trips it displays DRIVE some trips it shows PARK. I’ve no other display issues and the transmission feels fine. I should ring the garage that sold it to me. (An approved Ford dealer).

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