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Oil Leak Help Mechanics!!!

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Ok before I get into detail ill post the specs of the vehicle at the bottom of this post.

My car is currently sitting on road broken having no idea what's really happened and it sucks because my partner needs it desperately we both have no knowledge on cars which is stupid considering its 2018, but I guess there will be some grease monkeys on here.

it all started with the oil warning light on the dash board it kept flickering then going off so I just thought it would be a false negative, so I kept driving it then all of a sudden smoke came from the hud, so I stopped and checked underneath and the oil cap had melted a little there was green gunk inside and smoke was coming from the inside, I also noticed that there was black oil on top of the coolant tank so I had to check inside there too looked like there was diddly squat so I topped both units up and the car was fine then when I get to a side street all of it leaked out real fast I think coolant and the oil and the car kept getting weaker and I herd some pretty scratch banging noises so I had to instantly stop and leave it there but now It wont start at all.

it isn't the first time I've had problems when I jacked the car up before for some reason the right wheel would start turning on its self without the peddle being on I don't know if that is normal or not but I thought all the information I can provide could give someone on here a more accurate idea for me.

Any idea what this could be? head gasket problem maybe? what's best action to take shall I just scrap the car?


Specs: Ford fiesta TDCI 1.4 mini van diesel / 180k miles / mot runs out in 10 months 


All help is highly appreciated from me and the partner :)

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Take it to a garage and have a mechanic look at it in person. What you describe sounds more serious than a little oil leak... Green gunk is usually the anti-freeze and if you have oil in the coolant reservoir than yeah it sounds like you blew the head gasket. If not then chances are at that mileage something serious has gone pop and would be uneconomical to repair, it's probably done a fair bit of damage either way by keeping on topping it up and driving it.

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