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I have just brought a Fiesta Vignale  in white 3 door , will post some pic's , I had a Fiesta zetec white  3 door ecoboost  before and I loved it from day 1 .Not a days trouble  so now it was 5 years old and thought it time for a change , but after a lot of problems with a jobs worth sales man and me complaining I was given to another sales person and waited nearly 8 weeks for it to come , it was supposed to have diamond bright had to book it in for that , I could not use my brand new spare wheel , was told my boot mat would fit it does not , I was given the quickest run thought ever , and I asked  if on the dash it says 27mpg I asked him is that all it does to the gallon he pressed something and it changed 35 and it changes all the time . I will have to go back as boot light comes on saying it is open so I have to get out and check . I asked about the vagnale phone numbers for breakdown he said its in the book . I asked about the service contract he just said yes he will get it sorted .

All this has left a very bad taste 

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Was it a brand new car? Not that it should matter.

Is the dealership a main dealer?

If you aren't happy whatsoever with how you have been treated always ask for the sales manager, failing that the dealership manager (usually the principal). These people usually get problems sorted out with salesmen not giving good customer service.

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