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Fiesta cutting out


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Need some help

Driving my fiesta on Saturday and it just cut out.started straight away when I turned the key but a mile up the road it cut out again.this happend 3 more times on the way home (10 miles)brought it to the garage(3 miles away)and didn't cut out getting there.garage check it out and ran a diagnostics,and drove it about but no issues shows up(not a Ford dealer)

Picked the car up and within 100 yards it cut out again so back to the garage and he said he will change the fuel filter to see if it works.

When it cuts out two light appear on the dash board.engine and exclamation with a cog around it.all electrics still work with lights and radio still playing.

any ideas what the issue could be as not confidant the machanic has a clue

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Strange one that is- generally IMO either one of the lights should come on independently not together

The wheel with the cog is an engine management fault non emission related and the engine one emission related so not really sure what’s up there

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We had it where the engine would run for a few seconds then cut out. We think it was because all the crap in the bottom of the tank was being sucked up and blocking the fuel filter (it was a sock type). Then when the pump turned off the crap would settle back down and allow fuel to flow back through. Couldn't be bothered cleaning the tank so bought a new one and it was fine then on.  It's more likely the injectors are getting clogged.

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well it certainly could be fuel filter.

if warning light was on then there should have been a fault code that could be read by OBD port code reader. If for example the code was low fuel pressure then that would also indicate it could possibly be fuel filter .  When my 1.6 tdci starting cutting out it was the fuel filter and the fault code said low fuel pressure

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