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1.8 tdci timing belt ajuster problem


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Has anyone had a problem with the timing belt adjuster just spinning it makes contact with the belt but not enough to grip and tighten it?  

I bought an aftermarket kit (belt and adjuster) and when that did not work I also bought a genuine ford set and neither will tighten the timing belt?

It's a 1.8 tdci 09. 





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Hi TomsFocus,

Thank you for a quick reply.

Yes, the run is correct and both kits of belt and adjuster are the same as the original even the original belt will no longer tighten.


Work that was done to the car was the head gasket, fuel pump seal and gasket and also the wet belt was changed.

Everything has gone back in the original holes (there are no alternatives).

The cam pulley has been loosened as manual suggests and all the correct locking tools are in use, it just seems like the belt is now too big to tighten all 3 them 2 new ones and the original I'm lost?         


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Thank's again for your reply,

Yes that's exactly my set up and yes the auto adjuster is in the correct place it's driving me insane there are just two pulleys what are not adjustable the pump and the cam and the auto adjuster and yet it will not adjust it just contacts the belt and spins.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated. 


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