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fix a problem - scanner just finds another problem?!

Need help!

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Sorry never post on a car site before,  but before I spend more money on it. I’m looking for advice will try and make this short.

engine warning light on and off for months -  car ran fine.

thought I best get it checked. Scanner showed air flow sensor. Changed it.

Then my problems began  the car would show engine warning light. Speed restriction kicked in, would judder till it conked out. Would do this a few times then would clear itself and drive fine. The mapping sensor was changed then the throttle body. Also a new ecu !After spending £750 it’s still not fixed! Any ideas with this intermittent problem? I’ve no idea about cars but reading up about it I keep seeing wiring loom?

any advice would be great - thanks  


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Thanks for replying 2 L I don’t have the scanner it’s the mechanic sorry. I know I’m useless with out codes.But think the last thing he said something about mani fold flaps?.  It’s just frustrating it worked fine before they started changing stuff.  I’m not blaming either. Intermittent problems I know canbe hard to fix. 

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what engine?   do you have a laptop?  if so, a code reader can be very useful for about £15.  Free Forscan software can be put of laptop.


this seller has been recommended on this forum many times.   I have the modified USB one from here.  The modification is extra swicth which gives more functionality for Fords.


Free software is on Links tab

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