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Fiesta ST Brakes (Pads, Discs & Fluid)


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I am thinking if it's worth me getting a few bits from Euro Car Parts before the Black Friday code ends in readiness for the 4th service due in March.

I'm at just under 29,000 miles with my original brake pads and discs.

Not entirely sure if the brake fluid has been done on the previous services so wondered how much fluid will be needed to do a change?

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Could get the things whilst it's on sale and you know you can't get them again at that price. Won't hurt getting them and holding on to them until you need them. I think pagid are the best brand to get considering you can't get 278mm from Brembo

Not sure about the brake fluid sorry. 

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Eurocarparts have a discount code every week, I've had 50% and 75% off brakes.

OE discs are better than the Brembo equivalent.

are you doing the fluid change? Ford dealers charge about £30 which seems fine to me.

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ECP codes are around every month true, but it was just a passing thought last night as to picking up a few bits using the Black Friday code. Honestly from my previous shopping cart checks, pretty much every other end of month code gives the same ball park price.

I am not sure if the discs really need changing. In my own brief inspections, nothing looks obviously damaged and I don't have any issues at the present time (as far as I can tell). Getting the tyres changed on the 14th December to Michelin Pilot Sport 4's so will get the garage to check the pads/discs at the time.

Brake fluid will definitely be changed so I know that it's been done. Can't quite remember but I think the local dealer to me wanted almost twice the price for the fluid change.


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