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New car so a few questions


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I have just been and bought a focus on a 57 plate.  it has a few niggles but the price was right.  

1) to start the car you have to press on the instrument cluster while turning the key

2) the temp gauge doesn't seem to work wondering if I can short the lead to earth to see if I get full scale on the display

3) the rev counter under reads

4) I have a 2001 focus will the wheels fit the new one?

many thanks


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Looks like the instrument cluster is broken.  May just be a loose plug in the back?  If not, send it away for repair and that should cure the 1st three issues.

The Mk1 Focus wheelswill physically fit as both are 4x108 PCD.  But you'll probably find the Focus tyres are too large and will catch when steering.

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2001 focus is four stud wheels. Isn't 57 plate focus five stud?

It has been mentioned many times on this forum about faulty clusters.   Needing a solder repair. Of course I can't say for definite that yours is this fault.


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I could've sworn it said 57 plate Fiesta in the original post!  :unsure:  The Mk6 Fiesta and Mk1 Focus both use the same PCD.  Mk2 Focus is of course 5 stud so they won't fit lol. 🤦‍♂️

Cluster issues are very common on the Mk2 Focus...not so common on the Fiesta, thought that was a bit odd... :laugh: 

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