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C-Max Heated Front Screen Issue


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Hi all,

newbie here, hoping you can help...

I’ve got a 2008 C-Max Titanium, 1.8 TDCI. I got it in the spring time this year and I suspected all year the heated screen wasn’t working as it should. Now it’s cold I know it is failing 😪

I press the button and get the light but nothing else. I don’t get the little electrical relay click sound I get when using the rear button.

I checked and replaced the relay, no change. Checked the 2 fuses, they’re fine. Removed the wipers and leaf screen and wiring looks fine.

I’ve had the button out and it looks ok but it’s the only thing I can think of to replace now.

Am I missing anything? Do the buttons tend to fail on these?

cheers (and Merry Christmas!)

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Ok, so I replaced the button and no joy. What could be causing the little click sound not happening in the passenger footwell area? The rear screen heater makes a click sound down there, nothing from the front.

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