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Smax trouble


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Hello all

This is going to be a long one

I have a 58 plate Smax 2.0tdci 140, I was driving back from work one night heavy rain and the engine malfunction light came up so I pulled over turned her off had a smoke tried to start her she fired fine and got me back home wasn't far to travel....jumped into bed when I got up went out to car and she started fine just had engine management light on so I took it in to get a diagnostic test got told it was the map sensor I know these are relatively easy to change so I ordered one from ford and planned to do it myself. Mechanic cleared the fault and the I had no warning lights so I went back home with no issues.

A couple of nights later again heavy rain and it done it again...managed to get it back home again but this time she wouldn't start in the morning will turn over but not fire so I had it recovered to garage. I explained all the above to him he ran a diagnostic test, couldn't connect to the crank sensor he thought that the timing may of slipped this was checked and all was fine he informed that it was an electrical fault so he checked over the loom in areas that was easy to access he told me he doesn't deal with electrics but had a look over it for any obvious signs. 

So I then find an auto electrician and I get the car recovered to there after a few days I get a video on what's app off a lot black sludge in the throttle body housing where the butterfly flap is this all made sense with the hole not starting issue so he stripped down as much of the system as possible and cleaned it all out a slow process but whatever he used all the pipes are clear and look brand new I honestly thought he had replaced them. This literally took weeks after this he tried to start car still no good.

So back to electrical fault being the problem instead of replacing the loom we went down the route of trying to find the problem and repair now I'm being told we might be better off just buying a new loom which I can do and hopefully that will sort the problem.

This all happened last August I still don't have my car back I've been very lucky and my boss has been borrowing me his old pick up as he bought a new one the reason he bought a new one was it kept going into limp mode when idling this has now got worse since the weather has got colder and until she warms up I cannot get it out of limp mode.

Anyway back to the point I've been very patient with the mechanic partly because I had a car to get kids to school and get to work but now that's on it's last legs regardless of this I do not think it should of took this ***** long. Spoke with him last night regarding the new loom I want him to get me part number so I can scour the scrap yards and try and get a loom he informed me that there has been a death in his family and is not working for a few days I was hoping to get the loom by the weekend get it fitted and fingers crossed get my car back

I am not a complete idiot but i am defiantly not a expert either so my question is where do I go from here 

Do I get a new loom and replace 

Is there any advice from anyone that has has similar problems I have read that it can be common for them to suffer corrosion from water intake over time 

Sorry for the long story tried to get everything in any help would be gratefully appreciated 

Thanks in advance 

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