Fiesta Passenger or Drivers Seat Jammed Stuck Wont slide - FIXED

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Hoping I can help someone here. Apologies if there is already a duplicate post.

Trawled the internet for a fix to this but couldn't find an answer.


2 door Fiesta 2016 Zetek passenger seat stuck in sliding forward position. I could move the seat approx 100mm back and forth until a firm stop (on the door side) It would move further than the locking tab spacing so knew the lever/bar under the seat to slide back and forth was releasing the locking tabs. After 2 hours on my knees and cursing, I finally found the problem. 

Check First

If the seat moves backwards and forwards about 100mm when using the lever under the seat but does not move AT ALL when you pull the lever by the headrest to tip the seat forward and slide to let rear passengers in, then you more than likely have the same problem as me.

The Problem

When you need to let passengers in the back, you tip the seat forwards and slide the seat forwards at the same time. When the seat is tipped forwards, a cable pulls a coiled sprung lever which pushes down on the same lever as you would normally use to adjust the back and forth position of the seat. Due to the poor design and flimsy metal tab, it becomes bent out of the way and the lever manages to pass the tab and end up underneath and jams the slide rail. Hopefully the pictures will make sense.


Look under the seat from the back at the kerb/door side and locate the coiled spring (pictures) Compare with the driver side (or vice versa as the problem can occur on either seat) Picture 1 is incorrect. The lever should be ABOVE the bar so it can push down to release the slide when the seat is folded. Picture 2 is correct. The lever is above (apologies but this picture is from the side of the seat with the trim removed. You should not need to remove this) Any doubt, just compare with the working seat from underneath. With the seat back in the UPRIGHT position so the cable is slack, reach under and pull the flimsy bar away enough for the coiled spring tab to be pushed back up past it to sit on top. Then bend the bar as far back as possible to allow the lever to sit evenly on top and not just on the edge. This will all make more sense when you see it in the flesh.

I'm convinced this is going to happen again as it all looks bendy and flimsy so going to see if I can modify it in some way. For now though, it would appear that the amount of leverage generated by tilting the seat folded forward is too much for the poor design and will only tip the seat forward enough for passengers to get in the back. 

Hope this all makes sense and good luck.



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