Fiesta 1.6 tdci mk6 (57) boost problems

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Hi there... I have a Fiesta 1.6 tdci mk6 57reg

I have recently had a full service and felt the better difference straight away. While getting the service done I mentioned there was a slight carbon smell in the cabin... I was told injector 3 was leaking. thrusday I got the injector seals replaced my mechanic told me to give the car a drive down the dual carriage way to see how it felt and if I could smell carbon in the cabin. 

The carbon smell in the cabin had gone but I noticed there was no power/boost at all... I have had it plugged in to see if there was any codes, the air flow was the only code that popped up and was cleared but still it has a power loss problem

I have had a number of different mechanics look at the turbo and they have said there is no problem with it

 Nobody seems to understand what the issue is


Has anybody came across the same problem??

Would be great help



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Have you looked for any split pipes which might be causing a vacuum leak? 

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Zain... I've had a few people that have looked over the car and nobody has seen anything

To me it feels like the car is starving of fuel but I'm not a mechanic sooo

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