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Hi everyone im new to the forum and would love to get some help from you guys.

I own a MK3 Mondeo 2006 TDCI, the central locking only works as and when it wants, as you can imagine i do look daft stood staring at the car in a car park pressing and pressing the unlock or lock button lol. Same problem with both keys, ive replaced the battery on the key and also reprogrammed both keys with the ignition sequence. Made no difference.

Also the alarm on the car also just does what it pleases, sometimes the alarm wont go off for days and then some days it will go off every half hour day and night!


Any help wouldbe highly appreciated, im a fully qualified mechanic so do have a lot of knowledge about the job in hand but just cant seem to put my finger on the fault. Are the faults related? 


Cheers, John

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Have you checked the bonnet catch sensor?
Could be causing the problems you describe.

Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)

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Thats gunna be my next check, but when im pressing the buttons on the fob, its like the signal isnt getting through to the GEM. But all of a sudden it will just work.


Thanks, John

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