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Hi Everyone I have a Vibration on car when I accelerate and cruise It first come at around 25mph then disappears at about 28mph then comes back at 62mph at 70ish lol + 5.

Things I have done so far and no difference

2 driveshafts. 2 front wheel bearings, discs and pads all round , rack ends and track rod ends , all wheel allignment , new top engine mount , 3 different set of alloys, now new tyres and balance, 

I have checked rear engine mount and acnot see any play I am now at point of fed up of spending to no avail,  the car drives great other wise have done full service including new iridium plugs.

the vibration comes through steering wheel very annoying on long trip has I set cruise at 65 ish and steering vibrates and I have to exeed or drop down I changed steering from comfort to standard then sport still no change.

I was going to change gearbox mount and the two rear gearbox but not convinced also was thinking new shocks on front not sure 

so any help appreciated 

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